Hypnosis isn't magic, but it's close.

What if we could combine the scientific approach of hypnotherapy and meditation? And what if we specifically focus on women's needs, emotions, and life frustrations? 

That’s exactly what we did!

We harness the incredible power of hypnosismeditation, and manifestation to help you become the best version of yourself. Healing anxiety and pesky digestive issues, fatigue, sleep troubles, and brain fog.

The Science
behind Magical Audios

Hypnotherapy has been proven to be effective in treating pain management, IBS, PTSD, depression, anxiety, smoking addiction, insomnia and in implementing hypnotic suggestions.

Meditation has been proven to reduce stress, control anxiety, promote emotional health, enhance self awareness, lengthen your attention span, improve sleep and control pain

Magical Audios is a unique blend of both things. Read all about the research behind these therapeutic practices with the link below

How To Use Self Hypnosis for Deeper Healing 

Individual Hypnotherapy Session

Whether you seek relief from stress and anxiety, desire to improve confidence and self-esteem, or wish to address specific challenges or habits, Andrea Ramirez will provide a safe and supportive space for you to explore and transform. Schedule your individual session with Andrea today and take the first step towards lasting positive change.

"I cannot express enough how impactful and transformative the experience was. This session offered far more than just a glimpse into the future; it was a powerful tool for self-discovery and personal growth"

- Caty, Hypnotherapy client