Hypnosis isn't magic, but it's close.

Hypnosis offers a unique and powerful way to tap into the subconscious mind, where lasting change begins. By accessing this deeper level of awareness, hypnosis can help you overcome obstacles, break free from limiting beliefs, and create positive transformations in your lives.

Get relief from stress and anxiety and heal from burn ut

Improve sleep quality, manage pain, & ease physical discomfort

Manage pain & find relief from other physical discomfort

Navigate life's challenges with confidence & resilience

Eliminate fears, phobias,  & overcome traumas

Build healthier habits sustainably & be free from harmful addictions

Positive change at your fingertips

Magical Audios provides you with all the tools, knowledge, and guided support that you might need to improve your mental and physical well-being.

Specially designed courses to help you learn how to harness the powerful techniques of hypnosis to address your specific areas of concern

Growing library of 20-minute self-hypnosis audios, Ho'oponopono practices, and other therapeutic audios created to tackle different problem areas and foster personal growth, self-discovery, and empowerment

Personalized hypnotherapy sessions with our Magical Audios co-founder and professional hypnotherapist, Andrea Ramirez.

Get all of these and more when you enroll in our "HOW BECOME EXTRAORDINARY BUNDLE"

  • Access to 3 courses on how to use self-hypnosis for overcoming burnout, overcoming insecurities, and achieving goals
  • Unlimited access to our entire library of self-hypnosis audios and other healing sounds
  • Access to our community of vibrant community, where strength, support, and sisterhood reign supreme! 
  • Workbook and journaling tools to track symptoms and progress
  • Exclusive discount to get personalized hypnotherapy sessions

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